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:wave: Welcome to the prooph board wiki!

Cross-functional teams, collaboration and experiments are key drivers to innovate and keep software and business aligned. Cloud-native, event-driven architecture ensures that software does not become a bottleneck in this fast moving digital world. Development teams are asked more than ever to be multidisciplinary. How can they tackle domain and tech complexity in an efficient and sustainable way? How can they keep an overview of a large, distributed system that is constantly changing?

prooph board provides an answer to these questions. It’s the result of many years working with teams, who develop event sourced systems and practice Domain-Driven Design. We distilled the good parts and combined them to a product. prooph board supports cross-functional teams in exploring unknown requirements and turn them into scalable solutions.

The wiki is structured into three main parts: Event Storming Basics on prooph board, Continuous Event Storming for system engineering and working with Cody - the Coding Bot. The three pillars on which prooph board is built.

Introduction Video

Introduction Slides

:sparkles: Free Version :sparkles:

:cyclone: Start Modeling Now!

The free version of prooph board offers a very easy way to get started. No credit card and even no registration required. It is a browser-only version of prooph board. All Cody features are available :heavy_check_mark:.

Since the free client has no server connection, cloud storage is disabled and your work is only stored in the browser’s local storage. Use import/export functions to backup your work!

Example Boards

:pushpin: Here is a list of example boards that open directly in the free client. Check them out for some inspiration!

Cody Tutorial

:robot: Want to get started with Cody? These two coding bot introduction tutorials explain the basics.

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We run Event Storming workshops for product development teams — onsite or remote. If you need support with Event Sourcing, Event Driven Architecture, Domain Driven Design or Frontend applications, we are available as a well-coordinated external team or join-force with your internal teams.

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