What is Event Storming

:bulb: Event Storming is a workshop-based method to collaboratively discover business processes and user flows. You can apply it practically on any technical or business domain, especially those that are large and complex. The fact that Event Storming puts events at the heart of the method makes it a perfect tool for event-based system engineering.


Event Storming comes in different flavours which differ mainly in the level of detail. A typical starting point is a Big Picture Event Storming. It is recommended to invite all stakeholders such as developers, domain experts, decision makers, UX designers etc. to collect viewpoints from each participant.

The group uses Domain Events written on sticky notes to explore the domain. By visualizing the entire business flow as a series of events, critical insights and discoveries are triggered and the foundation for an event-driven system is made.

This exploration and discovery process fosters knowledge sharing and a common understanding of the company’s key activities, users and their needs, information & cash flows as well as bottlenecks in the value chain.

Onsite vs Remote

There is no doubt that Event Storming works best with everybody being in the same room.

However, we’re a remote-first company and this motivated us to experiment with remote Event Storming in 2019. Early sessions on realtimeboard (now called Miro) were promising. But we quickly realized that a general purpose online whiteboard has limitations. As long as you only run Event Storming sessions occasionally, online tools like Miro and Mural work just fine. But they become limiting the more you want to use Event Storming for detailed day-to-day team interactions and event-based system engineering. We call this advanced usage Continuous Event Storming

This is where prooph board comes into play. Our goal is to provide the best possible remote Event Storming experience and give distributed teams a powerful tool to understand business problems and design high-quality software solutions.


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