Cody Engine Intro

Looking for a way to bridge the gap between Event Modeling and prototyping or even production-ready solutions?

Cody is a barbone system. Cody Engine builds on top of it to provide a ready-to-use prototyping and application framework.

Built on the shoulders of giants

Cody Engine is a ready-to-use Open Source solution to transform an Event Map into a prototype and if you want also into a production-ready system.

To make this possible, we decided to go all-in with TypeScript. TypeScript gives us a single platform to develop a web-based Client-Server-Application, well suited for an information management system.

Open Source

You can find the Cody Engine project on GitHub.

Questions, feedback, ideas and contributions are all welcome! You can use the Cody Engine Issue Tracker to get in touch.


To install and run Cody Engine you need Git and Node.js installed on your local computer.

Head over to the Cody Engine README for installation instructions.


Sometimes code generation causes a “Compiler Error” that is then displayed in the Cody Engine frontend. If that happens, try to restart Cody Engine first and then reload the app in the browser. If the error is still shown, something is broken, and you have to investigate further. If you need help, don’t hesitate to open an issue: Issue.

You can restart Cody Engine by stopping the process in the terminal with Ctrl+C, and starting it again with npm run serve.

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