Cody Play Tutorial

Let’s bring our Event Modeling Design to life with the help of Cody Play.

In this first-steps-tutorial you’ll learn the basics of working with the prototyping tool Cody Play. It is seamlessly integrated in prooph board. We will continue to work on the Fleet Management application, that we started to design in the Event Modeling on prooph board step-by-step guide.

Start Cody Play

Usually, you would continue with the existing design and enhance it with Cody instructions. However, for the tutorial we should start with a fresh board and focus on one concept at a time to keep cognitive load on a consistent level.

As a first step, we need a new prooph board as our work surface, and also a clean Cody Play application. You can do the entire tutorial in the free version of prooph board (no registration required), that ships with full Cody Play support.

  1. Open prooph board
  2. Add a new board and name it: Fleet Management
  3. Start a new Cody Play session (Top Menu -> Cody Play -> Start a new Session)

Cody Play is a read-to-use prototyping application. It runs completely in your browser. You don’t need to install anything, and all data is only stored in your browser’s local storage. You can save Playshots to back up your work and share it with anybody who has access to the connected prooph board (only possible in the paid version of prooph board).

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